Certified Partner
Vector Embedded Engineering Partner
  1. VxLabs is an Embedded Engineering partner to Vector Informatik. We are experts in Embedded Products and tools.
  2. Additionally, we know their processes and rules as well as we are already known to all their competence teams.
Autosar Serviceline
AUTOSAR Service Line
  1. Complete AUTOSAR package integration
  2. Brining up Complex HW and SoCs
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Calibration and measurement
  5. Runtime and memory optimization
  6. Functional safety using ISO26262
  7. OEM extensions integration and testing
  8. Validation and acceptance testing
HSM and Bootloader Services
HSM Services
  1. Complete HSM activities
  2. HSM firmware update
  3. Project specific Security handling
  4. OEM security extension integration and testing
  5. Review
Flash Bootloader Services
  1. Complete FBL activities
  2. Secure boot
  3. Project specific adaptation
  4. OEM requirements validation test
  5. Integrate with app(s) and other project artificats
Cyber Security Testing
VxLabs Red Team Services
  1. Penetration testing (e.g. Com bus, Xcp)
  2. Binary analysis
  3. Fuzz testing
  4. OTA man-in-the-middle Attack
  5. Memory dumping
  6. Side channel attacks
  7. Inter-processor communication attack
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Certified Partner
Autosar Serviceline
HSM and Bootloader Services
Cyber Security Testing
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  • About VxLabs

    VxLabs is a future focused supplier of embedded solutions and services for automotive industry. With the contribution to automotive suppliers and OEMs by effectively supporting SW integration processes, knowhow, tools, platform projects, continuous integration and working methods with focus on cyber-security, software update, AUTOSAR, safety and OEM specific solutions. We have an international team with… See our values and more…


Why VxLabs?

Agile Workflow

We adapt dynamically to the changes of project planning and milestones

Support in critical phases

Every project has critical milestone or blocking issue whether at project bringing up phase, development or production we can integrate our engineers quickly and efficiently in critical phases to provide best solutions in short time to meet deadline and achieve your goals 

Flexible Planning

We are always ready and available for our customers (on-site, nearshore and offshore), not only during initiation of the project and feasibility studies but also in critical project phases 

Professional Technical expertise

Our engineers have 8+ years of experience in developing and working with ECU development solution including bare metal, AUTOSAR, safety and cyber security solutions.

Customer Oriented

Satisfying our customers is one of our major goals. our own faith is to stay very close to our customer to understand their needs and provide to them the best advice.


We promise the highest possible quality with a reasonable price

ECU Software Integration


  • Configuration profiles to BSW modules.
  • Designing and developing application and Complex Device Driver with respect to ISO 21434 and ISO 26262.
  • Migration from older AUTOSAR releases to new releases.
  • OEM Extensions Integration (e.g. BMW, Daimler, VW).
  • Network Management for CAN/FR/ETH.
  • Cyber Security Integration.
  • Memory and Run Time Optimization.
  • Automated CI/CD server (e.g. Jenkins).
  • Configuration guidelines generation.


  • Handle Complete V-Cycle for project Artifacts from Requirement until verification Test.
  • OEM requirement analysis
  • Project specific Software development.
  • Either solution from us or from others.
  • Design and implement test cases to verify the coverage of the requirements.
  • Deep experience with hot project topics (+8) years of experience with Flash Bootloaders and (+2) years in HSM core SW solutions.