Across the automotive industry, OEMs and suppliers are dealing with growing software complexity and stricter processes to comply with critical systems requirements in automotive industry. On the other side every OEM would like to shorten time to market and make sure software release to be delivered on time. 

Every engineer and manager in the industry know how big of a problem when software release is delayed causing escalation due to possible delay in complete production cycle putting more pressure on everyone. 

For this reason, the automotive players started to divide automotive V-cycle into smaller pieces to run them in parallel. While the development team start to design architecture and develop HW/SW the validation team already analyzes the OEM requirements and develops their own integration, HIL testing etc…  

This helped to shorten V-cycle to run everything in parallel but the question is it enough

A new challenge has appeared over and over where validation team discovers critical issues and show stoppers shortly before delivering major releases to the OEM leading to catastrophic consequences. 

We believe that you should implement your test once but automate it to run periodically and automatically as much as possible in the background with less effort as possible. This shouldn’t be done at the end of long development and integration cycle but sequentially during development after every small SW change to discover breaking changes quickly without long debugging or waiting for support from other teams or suppliers because you know the change you performed and you can isolate the impact easily. This would cut costs and time tremendously and help you to avoid blocker issues in critical phases. 

At VxLabs we can help you to tackle these problems by 

  1. Designing and implementation of automated integration testing, test suites and HW in the loop testing based on your OEM requirements 
  1. Handling unit testing activities and generating reports automatically 
  1. Providing DevOps solutions to have continuous development/integration in your project to automate the complete process of 
  • Generation of AUTOSAR packages 
  • Building your SW quickly using build farms and flashing the SW 
  • Performing unit testing activities automatically  
  • Performing HIL and Integration testing automatically and providing up to date issue report to tackle critical issues quickly 
  • Scheduling all pervious steps for intensive overnight test loops to discover sporadic issues and use your company resources in idle time