Automotive sector is turning more and more to complex networking, vehicle to grid, wireless communication and connection to OEM backends for continuous update and apps download. This is pushing automotive cyber security to be one of the main challenges in the market.  

Also, the regulations are catching up to make sure that OEMs and suppliers are ready for such challenges. We see now ISO 24089, ISO 21434 and UNECE WP.29 are being developed to mandate cyber security management system to have secure product and processes from design till production and maintenance to get your vehicle/system approved to be used securely on the road. 

We can support you in this journey to: 

  • Go through complete security development life cycle and implementation of CSMS 
  • Perform project threat analysis “TARA” and identifying critical assets in the system to derive security architecture according to ISO 21434 
  • Perform complete HSM integration activities and development of custom algorithms when needed 
  • Integration of proprietary security software extensions and applying mandatory test suits from major OEMs (e.g., BMW, Daimler, VW group etc…) to secure system keys, certificates and diagnostics 
  • Cyber security testing which includes pen testing, fuzz testing, physical and timing attacks to harden your system against foreseeable threats 
  • Tracking of relevant CVEs, zero-day exploits and having PSIRT for analysis and possible fixes 
  • Providing complete team “SaaS” to take part or manage completely the product security life cycle in your project 
Handling Cyber Security lifecycle according to ISO 21434 and WP.29