The Boot manger is stored in a protected ECU memory area and is started as the first software instance in the boot phase after a reset. It then checks whether a flash request or valid application software exists. If the ECU is to be reprogrammed, the Boot manager starts Bootloader to do reprogramming and – after verifying access authorization – loads the flash driver from the bus system to the ECU’s RAM memory if needed. Then it erases the old ECU software and programs the flash memory with the new data it receives over the bus system. A validation of the ECU software is performed after the data transfer. If the flash procedure is interrupted, it can be repeated at any time. 

The Flash Bootloader includes a flash driver that matches the hardware platform. It contains system-based routines for reliably erasing and programming nonvolatile memory chips. All Vector flash drivers have low resource requirements, and they conform to the HIS flash driver specification. 

In case of exitance of HSM/SHE or SW crypto module, Secure Boot concept could be used to enhance chain of trust. 

Integration of your bootloader/OTA solution from day one completely on our side and performing necessary OEM tests including secure boot handling and specific project adaptation to deliver final solution ready to be used in production. 

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