ECU development is the backbone of every automotive system in the market because it is challenging and time consuming to have stable combination of HW and middleware solution used in the system. 

Usually no one has the time to reinvent the wheel and develop proprietary complete HW drivers and middleware solutions so automotive suppliers choose to standardize open framework like AUTOSAR where specific vendors are providing generic package off the shelf giving best results and cutting the time of project development. Nonetheless this creates new challenges for project team where they need to understand the complex generic package and configure it based on a lot of factors like OEM requirements, HW constrains and government regulations. 

Another challenge is the HW which is becoming more powerful and complex every day. Now SoCs are taking over in new projects and zone ECUs and microprocessors combined with adaptive AUTOSAR is needed in every vehicle for vehicle computers and infotainment ECUs 

VxLabs can address these challenges either by taking part of middleware integration or handle the complete integration and configuration of your project. 

We can take over completely or support you partially to  

  • Analyze OEM requirements relevant to AUTOSAR and HW/SW integration constrains.
  • Bring up complex HW, SoCs and multicore systems.
  • Configure and integrate complete AUTOSAR stacks with focus on hot topics like ethernet, cryptography stack, safety watchdog concept and multicore OS/RTE.
  • Designing and developing application and Complex Device Driver with respect to ISO 21434 and ISO 26262.
  • Configure diagnostics UDS, OBD protocols services.
  • Handle memory partitioning to provide protection in mixed ASIL systems.
  • Integrate OEM SW extension modules.
  • Optimization of SW to have less footprint and CPU load consumption.
  • Review your AUTOSAR configuration to avoid usual pitfalls.
  • Migration from older AUTOSAR releases to new releases.