Content description

This service is intended to Tier1 who are seeking for transformation to MB.OS in order to work with Mercedez-Benz. With each of Daimler BROP level, We work with our customers to prepare the Basic SW package in order to match the maturity level needed by Daimler to accept BROP test results from our customers. for that we take care of all needed BSW and SSA Components configuration, integration and testing.

Please note that at the moment, our service is only applicable on Basic software solution from our Partner Vector Informatik


  • MB BootManager
  • MB Flash Bootloader
  • MB BootloaderUpdater
  • MB Application
  • HSM firmware (if needed)
  • HSM Updater firmware (if needed)
  • Swtich firmware (if needed)

List of Packages to be Integrated and testing

  • SSA package
  • Customer Wrappers/Cdds

The main focus of our service is to use your inout files from Mercedez-Benz, integrate them over MBBL and test the whole package using Daimler Testing suite (DTS, NTS, DiVa, DWT, NEST, others if needed)

Input from our customers

  1. Mercedez-Benz Baselayer
  2. MCAL
  3. NCD files
  4. Testing Suite licenses.
  5. Test Keys and Test Certificates
  6. Diagnostic Extract, Candella-files

Integration Clusters

  • Communication.
  • Diagnostics (e.g. DiDs, Events, SEvs, OTA)
  • Security (SecOc, Secure-Boot, SecureBoot-update/Download, HSM, HSM updater, Tls, Secure Coding, MACSEC).
  • Ethernet (e.g. VLANs, Trcvs, Switchtes and whole stack).
  • Logging and Monitoring (XCP, DLT, VDP).
  • Safety (e.g. Memory partioning, E2E)

Testing Scope

  • Download using DTS Monaco tool without errors
  • Pass as much as possible of DTS, NTS, DWT , NEST and DiVa test suite with clarification of unpassed test cases.

Beneifit of using our Service

  • Resource optimized design of MB deliverables (very low RAM/ROM/CPU-load consumption).
  • on the shelf implemented MB requirements for Security, Diagnostics and ECU management.
  • Deliver high quality release to Mercedez-Benz.
  • Wrappers and adaptor modules are available on the shelf